Table Topics - Grandparents
Table Topics - Grandparents
Table Topics - Grandparents

Table Topics - Grandparents

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Which song makes you want to dance no matter what? What’s the best thing about the age you are now? Would you rather have a good burger, a perfect peach, or a homemade pie?

Connecting with your grandkids has never been easier or more fun!

This set of conversation starters will help grandparents and grandchildren enjoy getting to know each other better. The questions are designed to help them share all the important things — personal stories, fun ideas, plans for the future, and a good bit of laughter too.

Tip #1: Make TableTopics® part of your mealtime tradition with your grandchildren. It’s through good conversation during a family meal that the most important connections are made.

Tip #2: Select a few questions before your weekly call with your grandchildren. The questions give you a way to connect with each grandchild and learn so much about each one individually.

Tip #3: Text a question to your teenage grandchild. You’ll be keeping the lines of communication open using the format they’re most comfortable with.

Events: Family Dinner, Family Mealtime, Everyday Conversations, Hanging Out With Friends, Family Vacations, Family Reunions

Ideal For: Grandparents

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