1.            Scalp Relief Spray - 8 oz bottle with a small spray bottle to fill and carry in your purse or pocket for relief when are away from home. The scalp treatment includes rosemary and lavender essential oils, burdock root, aloe vera, witch hazel, glycerin, apple cider and lemon extracts to remove scales, honey, with a proprietary combination of natural herbs and plants oils and butters.  Shake well before using as product will naturally separate.  Kit will include dispensing bottle along with a small personal spray bottle to carry in purse or pocket

8 ounce bottle:  $15.99


2.            Dead Sea Mud4 oz. jar of genuine organic Dead Sea mud directly from Israel.  This all-natural product is rich in minerals which help removed toxins.  This jar goes a long way.  Simply apply a very thin layer to your clean skin.  Allow to air dry.  Rinse and apply any desired moisturizer.  Keep jar sealed tight to avoid drying out of the product.  Should your mud dry while in the jar, add a teaspoon of sterile water and seal jar to re-hydrate the mud.

4 ounces jar: $7.99                                  


3.                    Dead Sea Mud Facial Bar Soap These bars come in a 2 bar package. This moisturizing facial soap contains moisturizing shea butter, olive oil and genuine Dead Sea Mud, which hydrates and firms your skin.

(2) 2 inch bars:  $7.99                                                                                          


4.                  Dead Sea Mud Hydrating Scalp Mask - Our weekly scalp mask is designed to provide a deep conditioning and soothing effect for eczema, dandruff, psoriasis and dry scalp. This mask includes Dead Sea Mud for its beneficial mineral content, soothing ground oats, glycerin and olive oil for conditioning, lemon and apple extracts to loosen scaling, and lavender and rosemary essential oils to help heal the scalp.  We recommend using this mask 1-2 x per week.  Massage 2 tbls. onto your scalp. Wrap scalp in either a shower cap or plastic wrap.  Let mask stand for 15 minutes. Shampoo as usual.

4 ounce jar $14.99


5.                    Burdock Root and Shea Butter Facial Bar SoapThis luxurious facial bar comes in two bar packages.  We use a vegetable soap base to which we add moisturizing shea butter and olive oil, burdock root and turmeric for calming skin disorders such as eczema, dry skin and psoriasis,  and healing and honey.

(2) Two inch bars:  $7.99                                          


6.                  Dead Sea Mud and Oatmeal Facial Mask - This soothing and firming mask contains organic ground oats, Dead Sea Mud and essential oils.  Both Dead Sea Mud and oatmeal are wonderful for extracting impurities and oils from your skin. This large container is 8 ounces of a combination of the above ingredients. To make your mask, simply add one tbl. spoon of mask to 2 tbls. of warm water.  Mix and spread over face area, avoiding the eye area.  Let mask set for 10 minutes and rinse.

8 ounce container: $15.00                                        


7.              Under Eye Firming SerumOur extremely condensed all-natural under eye serums contains retinal A , blackberry and licorice serums, moisturizing plants oils, hydrating aloe vera and honey.  Apply a few of drops under clean under-eye area.  Use morning and night for an anti-aging, firming and hydrating treatment.

2 ounce dropper bottle:  $12.99


8.                  Intensive Facial Night Cream - This wonderful and very dense quality cream includes burdock root, turmeric, aloe vera, soy, olive and jojoba oils, shea butter, retinal A, bees wax, honey, cocoanut oil, honey, witch hazel, blackberry root extract, and essential oils which hydrate, soften and reduce the scaling lesions of psoriasis and eczema as well as a propriety combination of natural plant extracts and emollients. It does not include any animal byproducts or petroleum products.  Apply pea-sized portion to clean face nightly.

4 ounce jar:  $15.99


9.                  Moisturizing Body Sugar ScrubThis delicious smelling scrub contains exfoliating and hydrating natural sugar, moisturizing vegetable glycerin and essential oils.  Apply a tsp. of product and gently massage onto your skin to exfoliate dry skin cells.  Rinse and pat dry.  Your skin will be softer, firmer and smoother.  Do NOT put wet hands into jar as it will melt the sugar.  Do NOT apply to open wounds or raw skin.  Do NOT apply to face as the granules are too large for delicate facial skin.  We have a brown sugar scrub for the face.

4 ounce jar:  $8.99   

10.                 Moisturizing and Exfoliating Facial Scrub A gentile polishing is wonderful for your complexion.  This wonderful scrub uses soft natural brown sugar, honey, plants oils and glycerin.  Use a pea-size portion and apply to damp face.  Use a gentle circular massaging motion.  Rinse and pat dry.  Do NOT use wet hands in or expose scrub to water as it will melt the sugar.  This 4-ounce jar will go a long way.  Your face will be smoother and firmer with routine use.  Do NOT use more than once per day.  Do NOT use on raw or broken skin.  The honey and sugar are bi-beneficial as they reduce bacteria and moisturize your skin.  Great for acne.

4 ounce jar:  $8.99


11.                    Beeswax Lip Therapy Our lip balm provides long-lasting protection protection for dry lips utilizing beeswax, honey, shea butter and aloe vera.

Single:  $ 7.99


12.                   Dry Scalp SerumThis serum comes in a 4-ounce bottle.  A perfect healing serum to use on the scalp for dandruff and psoriasis.  Rich in moisturizing plant oils, burdock root, turmeric, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, witch hazel and honey, which helps hydrate the scalp and dissolve psoriatic lesions.  Simply add a few drops to affected area.  Leave in hair for 30 minutes before washing hair.  Can be left in overnight for a more intensive treatment. 

4 ounce bottle:  $15.99                 


13.                    Airline Tray Safety Disposable CoversPerfect to reduce the risk of exposure while traveling, this product was designed to reduce the transfer of germs and viruses found on seat back trays.  The package includes (4) disposable medical bi-degradable paper covers that also supports a small waste pocket.  Most airlines do not sanitize their seat back trays on a daily basis that allows for an accumulation of transferrable germs and viruses to passengers.

(4) pkg. single use - $9.99


14.                  Purse and Travel single use healing soap tinsThis product comes in a small tin which contains small glycerin soap bars which contain shea butter, rosemary and lavender.

Tin of 8 bars:  $7.99


15.                  Solid Perfume 1-ounce jar of long-lasting solid perfume using beeswax and soy.

A.                  Lilliana Rose – soft, sweet floral and romantic blend of lily of the valley, roses and lavender.

B.                  Janis – a throw back fragrant of patchouli, sweet orange and oak moss for a rich, deep fragrance.

C.                  Vibrant – Bright and lively blend of sweet orange, lemongrass and lavender.

1 ounce tin:  $12.99


16.                  PMS Bath Salts These moisturizing bath Epsom/sea salt blend contain a blend of essential oils known to reduce the symptoms of PMS.  Not only are they a form of aromatherapy, but also help aid in relaxing muscles when added to your tub water.  Simply add one tablespoon to warm bath.  Be certain to mix the salts in the water to dissolve the salt crystals before getting into tub to avoid irritation of sitting zone.

1 pound container: $9.99


17.                 PMS CandleThis wonderful smelling candle is rich in essential oils used in PMS, stress and hormone therapy in a soy-based candle.  Soy candles are long-lasting  Never leave a candle burning near flammable fabric, pets or children. 

Tin:  $12.99

18.                     Intensive Skin Therapy Salve - Psoriasis/Eczema/Dry Skin

This all-natural dense salve contains.  his dense quality cream includes burdock root, aloe vera, soy, olive and jojoba oils, shea butter, bees wax, honey, cocoanut oil, aloe Vera, honey, witch hazel, turmeric, lemon extract and essential oils which hydrate, soften and reduce the scaling lesions of psoriasis and eczema as well as a propriety combination of natural plant extracts and emollients. It does not include any animal byproducts or petroleum products.

4 oz. jar $15.99                                                                                                                                                     



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